Training Videos

How to add a download.

  1. Go to the media tab on the left
  2. Click ‘add new’ and select your pdf from your files and upload it.
  3. Go back to the media tab and click edit on the pdf you have selected
  4. copy the URL that is highlighted
  5. go to the pages tab
  6. click edit on the downloads page
  7. add a new standard section and select a format
  8. click ‘insert module’
  9. go to ‘add from library’ and select the one called ‘download’
  10. click the short lines on the far left of ‘blurb’
  11. you can change the title and paste the url in the URL box
  12. you can also change the admin label so you can clearly see what is what
How to add a product.

  1. go to the product tab
  2. go to ‘add product’
  3. add the product name, product long description, short description
  4. select the brand and product category
  5. select the product image
  6. add the price in the general tab
How to add/edit a brand.

  1. go to products tab
  2. go to ‘brands’
  3. add a brand name
  4. click ‘add new brand’
How to add/edit a category.

  1. go to products tab
  2. go to ‘categories’
  3. add a category name
  4. click ‘add new category’
  5. to edit, click on edit and change what you need you need to.
How to add/edit a slider.

  1. go to pages tab
  2. go to the ‘home’ page and click edit
  3. add a section and select your format
  4. click on ‘insert module’ and select slider
  5. click on ‘add new slide’
  6. add a heading
  7. click on save
  8. go to ‘add new slide’ to add additional slides
  9. add images or a background colour or any content and click save
  10. go to ‘save and exit’ when you have finished
  11. click the short lines on the far left to edit a slider
How to bulk edit products.

  1. go to products tab
  2. tick the boxes of the products you want to edit
  3. go to ‘bulk actions’ and select edit
  4. click apply
  5. change what you want to e.g stock levels, category
  6. click update
How to delete a product.

  1. go to the products tab
  2. hover over the product and click bin
  3. or tick the boxes and go to ‘bulk actions’ and select move to bin
  4. click apply
Add a brand to the menu

  • go to appearance
  • then menu
  • under the brands tab find the brand you want to add
  • tick the box next to it and click add to menu
  • drag the brand from the bottom to where you want it
  • click save menu

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